ERPlite Open Source Inventory Tracking Software


Open source applications, like ERPlite, are continuously improved and developed collaboratively by large numbers of programmers/users around the world.  New features are added faster, and quality tested by thousands of real-world users.  Bugs are identified and fixed more quickly, and with an openness and candor that most traditional IT managers find refreshing.  

Most of these customizations are tested and  integrated into the regular commercial releases by inc for distribution to  all other users with a valid support license. 

Building Blocks

ERPlite is built using mature building blocks:  Microsoft Access, VBA, C #,,, MySQL, SQLserver.   

Fully Customizable:

All ERPlite Reports, Labels, Forms, Queries and VBA source code are free for Microsoft Access 97/2000/XP. Several ERPlite ActiveX components are included that can be used for customization.  Source code is not available for these ActiveX components. However, the user can choose to use their own custom methods rather than the methods from these ActiveX components. The bottom line is that 100% of the functionality of ERPlite is customizable.


ERPlite is available  via commercial license, under which inc takes full responsibility for its products. 

GPL License

Some products (such as Linux and MySQL), are available free under a pure 100% source code  GPL/OSI license.  Under the GPL licence, there are no warranties or representations from the developer (i.e. from MySQL AB). Market size has not justified releasing ERPlite under a GPL license, yet.

Quotes for Customization inc will support the customers chosen customization team (either inhouse or contract) as long as the customer has a valid support license. inc will gladly provide quotes for customization for customers.  Usually, inc quotes will be compellingly competitive because:

  • inc programmers know the existing code inside/out
  • existing code may be modifiable to meet the need
  • the custom changes may increase ERPlite's market, thus allowing inc to recover some of the developement costs via future sales.

For example, the average cost of a  custom report has been $200. More complex customizations may cost more. To request a free quote, contact sales at inc


See ScreenShot Demo's of ERPlite Features