Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP)


ERPlite has two MRP calculators:


1.    MRPlite WhatIf?

2.    InstantMRP 



MRPlite Whatif? Is a single bucket, infinite resources, single Product MRP calculator. This simple tools is very useful for a quick shortages list for a planned SO or WO.

InstantMRP   InstantMRP provides the MRP calculator. It warns about shortages, and schedules planned  PO's and WO's to satisfy demand represented by Open Sales Orders and/or a Forecast.

  • Used for Production Planning and Control.
  • Performs Fast MRP (a few seconds) for your whole production program.
  • Configurable to your MPS (Master Production Schedule) -  bucket size of days, weeks, months or quarters.
  • Recommends Purchase Orders and Work (manufacturing) Orders.
  • Inventory outlook projects future planned inventory levels.
  • Used for Capacity Analyisis - calculates load on machines and workforce, compared to capacity.
  • So fast that different scenarios can be tried in quick succession.
  • Drills down to analyse what parts are causing most load on a resource.
  • Runs on a standard Win PC.
  • Plans can be time-phased in multi-stage manufacturing. 
  • Easy to use, with online HELP and tutorials.
  • Can be used to complement your existing MRP system.
  • Integration with ERPlite uses the Bills of Materials, Bills of Operations and routing lists managed in ERPlite and automatically outputs planned Purchase Orders and Work Orders (Manufacturing Orders) to ERPlite for implementation.
  • See ScreenShot Demo of instantMRP