InstantMRP Tutorial: Same Part in different  BOMs




PRD1000 Example:



Step 1:    Setup BOM


Open the Create Single Level BOM form in the ItemMaster/BOMs submenu


In the Item Lookup field, select the PRD1000 item.


Change the Status to Not Released, which will allow you to make changes to the BOM.


Add a new item to the BOM:


            Item:  CMP0001

            Name:  MONITOR
            QtyInParent:  3


Change the status back to Released and close the form.


To ensure that the Product PRD1000 now has the same part in different levels, open the BOM Exploder form in the ItemMaster/BOMs submenu.


            Number of levels to be exploded:  6

            ParentID:   PRD1000


Explode the BOM by pressing the Explode BOM button, and then view the explosion by pressing the Multilevel BOM button.


The result should look like this:


Notice that the CMP0001 component is in both the 1st and 2nd levels of the BOM.


Now you are ready to use instantMRP.



2. instantMRP Input Form


Open ERPlite.


Open the instantMRP form in the MRP submenu.


  1. Setup Plan


Fill in the necessary information.    For our example, we will choose:

            Starting Date:  January 01, 2000

            # of Demand Periods:  12

            1 Demand Period:  1 x Weeks


  1. MasterProductionSchedule Forecast(MPS).


Enter PRD1000 in the ItemID column, with the quantity 10 in the 12th Demand Period.  All other demand periods should have the quantity 0.


  1. Options


Check off only the Components and Demand options and leave all others unchecked.


  1. Compute MRP


Now that all the information is filled in, press the button to compute MRP.



3. instantMRP Output Form



Press the 1.Compute button at the top of the screen.  This must be done before the results can be viewed.


If any errors occur, go to the Errors tab and view the reports to find out the problem.


Otherwise, click on the MRP Output Report button on the 2. Output tab to view the MRP report.


It should resemble this:




Notice that the CMP001 component, of which there are 5 altogether (3 in the 1st level, and 2 in the 2nd level), come out to 50.  This is the result we want for 10 PRD1000s.