Work Orders

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Work Orders Form


Work Orders use the multi-level BOM to explode the pick list of materials needed to make the parent.  This form is used for entering/editing Work Orders for the shop floor. Work Orders can be either build-to-stock orders or can be used to fill a specific Sales Order.

Base Data Input:

Use the optional fields on this tab to record other pieces of information that are relevant to your work order.

Shop Floor Control:

This tab displays the routing information for work orders once they have been picked, and allows users to track setup and run times for equipment and labor.

This will print a report of all routing information contained in ERPlite and allows users to effectively compare the efficiency of the shop floor order-to-order.

Serial/Lot Numbers:  

Use this button to indicate which serial/lot numbers are being used in the order.

Special Instructions 

After completing entry in WO select status of Work Order Released.

to explode Parent item, item type should be manufactured.

Click Pick list.   This will change the status of the order to "Picked".   Also, this will make the appropriate changes to the inventory counts.

Click Print Pick list (Copy) to view the work order pick list


Work Order number will be prefixed with WO.

The shortages report in the WO form does  deal with "Manufactured but not exploded Item Type"


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