Welcome To ERPlite



Thank you for using ERPlite Pro, the Microsoft Access-based MRP software designed for small companies.

This release includes an .mdb front-end (i.e. source code or open source) :Forms, Reports, Macros, Queries and Modules are customizable.

The regular 14 day ERPlite  evaluation copy that is downloadable from our website is split into a backend (DbM_be.mdb) and front-end (DbM_fe.mde). The backend contains the data and resides on the server PC. The front-end is stored on every Client PC and connects to the backend via the LAN in order to share data with all users.

Som companies need to customize ERPlite  to better exploit the database in making their company more efficient and competitive.

The source code version of ERPlite  allows creation of custom queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules using standard Microsoft Access wizards and/or VBA programming.

ERPlite  also contains many ActiveX components that you can use to create new functionality. These components include methods and properties to update the dynamic count, exploded BOM's, manage the site license, etc. Use of these components is very simple VBA programming, thus your staff can customize ERPlite without having to learn or do complex Visual Basic programming. Perusal of the visible VBA code in ERPlite  will give most programmers all the information they need to use these reusable components to add functionality to ERPlite.



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