WO Receive (View Partial Receipts)

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WO Partial Receiving Form


The WO Partial Receiving Form is used after a partial receipt is initiated in the WO Receiving Form, and thus can only display partial work orders of the form WOxxxx-WOyyyy. Partial work orders already have their parts allocated to WIP form their original WOxxxx work order. The pick list created in this form is used only to specify how much of each part from the amount originally picked to back flush.

How to use WO Partial Receiving Form

Copy WO Line Item

Takes the parent item entered for the partial work order and copies it in order to create a pick list later on.

Explode Parent Item

Clicking on this button explodes the copied parent line item into itself and all its children as specified by its BOM to create a pick list that can be edited by the user before the parts are consumed by the shop floor.

Receive Partial

Clicking on this button consumes the amounts entered on the pick list, thereby back flushing the parts from WIP to BACK FLUSH and transferring the finished product received from WIP to STORES.

Print Partial History

Clicking this button will give users a detailed report for the current work order, displaying how much of each part was transferred to WIP (RESIDUAL), how much of each part has been consumed through partial receiving, and how much finished goods have been transferred to STORES through partial receiving.

Delete WO Receive

This button is to be clicked when a partial work order has been received and needs to be reversed to correct an error. Once this button is clicked, the partial receipt is reversed and users can make further changes to the pick list before receiving again.

Yield - If the item being received deals with yield issues, then the user must follow these steps:

  1. Press the Copy WO Line Item button
  2. Enter the total amount ordered in the Consume line's quantity. (Leave the Receive line quantity to what is actually being received)
  3. Click Explode Parent Item
  4. Click Receive Partial WO

Note: These steps will receive only what was entered in the receipt line and will consume all ingredients originally allocated for this work order.


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