WO Receive

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WO Receiving Form


The WO Receiving form allows users to receive manufactured goods from WIP to STORES, thereby back flushing all parts sent to the floor by the Pick list created in the Work Orders form.

To receive manufactured goods, enter the receive amount in the RECEIVE AMT field and click on the RECEIVE WORK ORDER button to receive that amount against what was originally ordered. ERPlite will not let you receive more than what was originally ordered, but if the receive amount is less than the order amount, ERPlite will automatically begin the Partial Work Order Receiving process, thus follow the on-screen instructions that will be displayed. Lastly, the order should be closed once the amount received equals the amount that was ordered by changing the status to CLOSED.

Special Instructions for WO Receiving Form

In WO Receiving status should be Picked.

Serial/Lot Numbers - use this button to select which serial/lot numbers are being used in the receipt.

Yield - If the product being received is an item that takes yield into account, the Partial Receiving form will be opened if the quantity received is less than the quantity ordered.


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