Verify Version Control

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Verify Version Control Form


ERPlite is forever changing, thus to keep track of the current version installed for support purposes the Verify Version Control form is a convenient interface to access the version number of ERPlite for both the front-end and the back-end.

The form will display what is actually installed on the computer, as well as the version required for ERPlite to function correctly based on the most recent installation (ERPlite front-ends will only work correctly with specific versions of back-ends, or with upgrades to older back-ends). Furthermore, users can click on the PROCEED TO UPDATE BACKEND VERSION NOW button to upgrade the back-end with the necessary fields for new ERPlite functionality to work correctly.

Special Instructions for Verify Version Control Form

 If the PROCEED TO UPDATE BACKEND VERSION NOW button is selected, the user will be asked if he or she would like to create a backup file before proceeding with the update.  It is recommended that the user click YES to automatically have ERPlite create a backup of the database in the backup directory of ERPlite.

After this, ERPlite will proceed to update the backend of the database.

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