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This form allows you to create and modify all the suppliers with whom your company conducts business. Once suppliers are entered into ERPlite, they can be specified in the Approved Vendor List (AVL) for each product in the Item Master. The AVL information can then be used when creating purchase orders to specify vendor numbers for each product in the order.


Supplier Id: This is supplier identification number. It is unique in ERPlite.

Supplier Name: Supplier  Name is specified corresponding to supplier id and may be duplicate.

Contact Name: Supplier nick Name.

How to fill Suppliers information  using  Suppliers form

All Suppliers that are stored in ERPlite are created and updated in this form. The most important fields (Suppliers Id, Suppliers Name, contact Name ,Manufacturer ? and Email ) are found on the form.

To fill a new Suppliers information, click on the '*' arrow at the bottom of the window:

then fill all necessary information of Suppliers.

Special Instructions for Suppliers

The “Manufacturer?” checkbox is used in tracking international goods that relate to international trade law.  For this purpose, one can use this checkbox to specify if the item was manufactured in a different country.



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