Shop Floor Control Configuration

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Shop Floor Control Configuration


In this form all the data needed to enable shop floor control (time definitions, labor, equipment, etc.) is entered. To enable shop floor control, the following information must be entered:


Time Definitions

In this form define all time parameters relevant to your company.

Labor Groups

This form allows you to add/edit all the labor groups in your company and to define parameters such as department, manning level, setup and run time efficiency, etc., that will be used in the routing information of your products

Equipment Groups

Similar to the Labor Groups button, this form allows you to add/edit all the equipment groups in your company, then define their parameters, to which this information will also be used in the routing information of your products.

Default Operations

An operation is the combination of a labor group with an equipment group, and in this form these relationships are defined along with their parameters.

Item Master

This is a link to the Item Master form, where the shop floor data that has just been entered can be applied to all the products in the database, and further shop floor control configuration can take place (lot sizing, MPS codes, etc)


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