Sales Order (Estimate)

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Sales Orders (Quote) Form


Create sales orders using this form, which will be identified with SOxxxx tracking numbers (as shown in the TRACKING NUMBER field). Fill in the CUSTOMER and SUB LOCATION fields with the necessary customer information, then proceed to fill in the DATA INPUT section of the sales order with the items to be sold.

View ATP  

Click on this button to open the Item Available to Promise form and view the status of your inventory in ~STORES.


This field is used in conjunction with the QuickBooks classes.  They give the user another way to track their income.  The classes field is used in QuickBooks to help break down income and expenses for the products sold.


The GLAccount field is not displayed by default for QuickBooks users, however,   you ca unhide it.

Furthermore the default tax codes from QuickBooks USA are installed. To erase them, open the database window by pressing F11, open the SalesTaxItems table, and delete any unwanted tax codes.

Special Instructions 

Make sure all orange fields have been filled.

After completing entry in Sales Order select status of SO Released.

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