Purchase Order (Inventory)

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Purchase Orders Form


Purchase Orders form is used to create purchase order of items  to be purchased from suppliers/vendors. Purchase Order Number is prefixed with PO characters and automatically incremented number and is also unique in ERPlite.

These forms are for entering/editing inventory or non-inventory purchase orders. All fields with an Orange Background must have data entered in them.

Blind Notes - This section allows one to enter notes that will be attached to the PO but will not show up on the printout.

Request For Quote - This button will display a form for printout that has the layout of an RFQ

Archived POs Tab - This section allows the user to select whether to show archived POs or not

Special Instructions 

After completing entry in PO select status of PO Released.

Enter all information for fields filled in orange

Vendor number should select carefully corresponding to vendor.


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