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Peachtree Import Form


Through a process of exporting from Peachtree to ERPlite with the Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values file format (.csv), it is possible to transfer the following data to ERPlite:


Customers: Customers are those companies/person with whom your company conduct business transactions and generates sales order and invoices to collect payment.

Vendors: Vendors/suppliers are those companies/person with whom your company conducts business. 

Employees:  are those person who  works in company . 

Items : Its have Items list from Peachtree .

Item Id: This is item identification no. It cannot be duplicate.

Item Name: It is given  for item id can be duplicate.

Standard Cost: Equals the total cost of said item in base currency, including overhead and rolled up purchased materials. This Field is used for Inventory Valuation and purchased items in the BOM cost report.

List Price: It means that price of item on which to be sold.

Reorder Level: The report lists all products whose ATP amount has fallen below the REORDER LEVEL, the ATP i.e. Available To Promise (With Allocated Inventory), the lead time, and the minimum/fixed order size (if applicable) for each item that has fallen below its respective threshold.

COGS Accounts: It is cost of goods sold Accounts.

Income Account: It is  money Account that earned by Company. 

Asset Account: This A/c for assets of the company like fixed asset, current assets etc.

Item Type: Use the Default Item Accounts form to enter the accounts that will be used by default in ERPlite.   Different default accounts can be assigned to the following categories: Assembly, Group, Inventory Item, Non-Inventory Item, and Service.

Tax code: It shows that the customer is taxable or non-taxable. Codes can be added in the taxes form.

How to import  from  Peachtree to ERPlite

Using the BROWSE buttons, locate the exported Peachtree files that contain the information you wish to import. Once all the files have been specified, click on the START IMPORT button to begin the importing process.

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