PO Receive (Inventory)

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PO Receiving Form


This form is used for entering PO receipts for their respective Purchase Orders (Inventory / Expense). In the RECEIVE column, enter the amount to be received for each line, and click on the RECEIVE button when ready to receive. The Past Receipts column will be updated each time an amount is received to compare against what was originally ordered.

For inventory Purchase Orders, each time an amount is received the user may print a RECEIVING TRAVELER that will document the receipt.

Special Instructions for PO Receiving Form

After completing entry in PO select status of Purchase Order Released.

To see the reports of PO receive click Traveler Button.

You may also assign PP number in last column corresponding to Item of detail list to see categorized report on behalf of PP number. 

With regards to the status of a purchase order, purchase orders should be closed once the received quantity equals / exceeds the amount that was originally ordered.

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