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My Company Information Form

This form contains all the information about your company, and should be entered immediately after installation of ERPlite. Most of the information is intuitive; however, below is some instructions on the non-trivial fields that are important to the correct functionality of ERPlite.


Company Logo

To enter your company's logo, compose a logo file using one of the standard Microsoft supported formats: gif, jpeg, wmf, bmp. Next, right click on the default logo on this form, select the insert option, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Last Physical Count Date

Physical inventory counts are done and entered in the database at the beginning of a fiscal period. The date of the physical count is entered in the field "Last Physical Count Date". Dynamic counts are calculated from this date onwards, by adding the transaction up/down-counts to the Physical Count. Cycle count corrections are done by entering transactions via Inventory Transfer.

Base Currency

The base currency should be the currency that your company does business in. ERPlite gives users the option between the American dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Peso, which are all stored in the Currency table.

Currency Ratio = Base Currency/Other Currency

The currency ratio is used to convert all transactions in cost reports to the base currency, while the currency table is used to store the currency ratio for each currency. Additional currencies can easily be added to this table. Furthermore, the currency ratios that are shipped with ERPlite may not reflect the current ratio, and will need to be updated regularly if you plan on using more than one currency in ERPlite.

Tax System - This selects the accounting system which will affect how taxes are handled in ERPlite

"Avg Cost" Start Date - This is the start date that will be used to perform the Average Cost calculation

Email Triggers
The fields INV VALUATION MAX, SO CMMT MAX, and PO CMMT MAX only require values if the Email Triggers functionality is enabled to run automated reports from Windows' Task Scheduler. Otherwise these fields can be ignored.


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