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Link To Database Backend Form


ERPlite is a two-tier application that uses a front-end database for functionality (what the users see) and a backend that stores the data. These databases are linked together, and thus the location of the backend must always be known to the front-end. The location of the backend doesn't matter, but for whatever reason, if the location changes then the pathname to the backend must be updated in this form. Click on either the CHANGE LINK or BROWSE button, which will bring up a Windows Explorer interface, and locate the backend. Click on the OPEN button once the backend has been selected, and if successful, ERPlite will display a message saying the link has been updated. Otherwise, ERPlite will prompt the user saying the relink failed and to try again.

Special Instructions for Link To Database Backend Form

If the relink fails, the user will be prompted to update the backend.  It is recommended that the user proceed with this step to ensure the correct operation of ERPlite.  

Next, the user will be asked if he or she would like to create a backup file before proceeding with the update.  It is recommended that the user click YES to automatically have ERPlite create a backup of the database in the backup directory of ERPlite.

Finally, ERPlite will proceed to update the backend of the database.

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