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Item Master


All items that are stored in ERPlite are created and updated in this form. The most important fields (item number, name, rev, and status) are found at the top of the form, while the rest of the information is broken down into the following categories. 

To create a new Item, click on the '*' arrow at the bottom of the window:

Base Data

This tab contains pricing information, as well as some basic information about whether or not the item is manufactured, the reorder level, and the lead time. Notice the fields CURRENT COST, STANDARD COST, and AVERAGE COST, all of which have specific purposes in ERPlite and can be different.

The fields on this tab are intuitive except for those specified below:



This tab allows users to link ERPlite to any other documentation, such as a Word document.  To add a hyperlink to a document/thumbnail picture, right-click on the Link field and go to edit hyperlink to select desired image.

AVL (Approved Vendor's List)

Add a supplier from the Suppliers form to the Approved Vendors List for that specific item, along with the vendor's part number, which will then be referenced when this item is used in a purchase order.  This tab may also be used to associate one or more manufacturers with AVL companies along with the manufacturer's part number.

Note:  Both a vendor and a Manufacturer must be entered for the AVL Reports to work.


If you are using Shop Floor Control in ERPlite, then create the routing list for applicable items here. Using the drop-down boxes, specify the operations involved in the routing, and enter the parameters for each operation.  See Shop Floor Control Configuration. Also, see the ERPlite Knowledge Base, Shop Floor Control section.


Relevant shipping data can be stored here, including the field CONTROL CHARACTERS, which specifies the default documentation that has to be printed when this item is shipped. Here are the control characters, and their corresponding documents:

T - Item to be Tracked (default code for all items)
C - Commercial Invoice
D - FDA Document
N - NAFTA Document
P - Packing List
S - Shipping Picklist
X - FCC Document
I - Invoice


When using instant or ERPlite Planner, this information is required for the complex calculations required to use the tools successfully.

Overall Yield % - Enter the average overall yield for this item.

Subcontract PO Service Created from WOs - Check this box to make subcontract the PO service


Specify the accounts associated with the Item in this section.  Pressing the Default Accounts button will use the default accounts specified in the Default Item Accounts section.

Tax Rates

Here is where the user can specify tax codes and rates.  Note: If the Standard tax system was selected in the My Company Information form, then it will be the only section of the tab that is enabled, i.e. All "Line Only Tax System" fields will be grayed out.

Special Instructions for Item Master

If a field with a highlighted text box indicates that it is a required field. Furthermore, changing the status to RELEASED prevents any changes to that particular item, while a status of NOT RELEASED allows the item information to be edited.

Orange colored text box should be filled first.


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