Inventory Transfer

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Inventory Transfer Form


This form allows you to transfer inventory from one company location to another. This form is used for inventory transfers that are not done by other forms. The PO, WO, etc. forms transfer inventory to and from default locations and are customized to be easier to use for their focused purpose.

Inventory Transfer is the Swiss army knife form for transferring inventory from any location to any other location. Use it when no custom form suits the purpose.

For example, PO Receiving transfers inventory from the receiving dock (i.e. the vendor) to STORES. These are the most common transactions. However, if your company has intermediate locations (i.e. inspection, quarantine) or alternate locations (i.e. Warehouse #2), then Inventory Transfer is used to make those transactions. It up-counts the "Transfer To" location and down-counts inventory in the "Transfer From" location.

Additional locations can be added via internal customer entries to the Customer table (i.e. ~Warehouse #2).

Inventory Transfer is the easiest form to use for entering Cycle Count corrections. Use the ~BACK FLUSH location as the transfer from location, since there is no real inventory in the BACK FLUSH location. Thus, it is not used for inventory valuation, and it's counts do not have to be reconciled.

How to use Inventory Transfer Form

To complete an inventory transfer, fill in the necessary data, change the status accordingly, and click on the SAVE RECEIPTS button. If you so desire, a receipt can be printed by clicking the INVENTORY TRANSFER REPORT button. Once the transfer is confirmed as completed, change the status of the transfer to closed or archived.

Serial/Lot Numbers - Use this button to enter which serial/lot numbers are being used in the transfer

Special Instructions for Inventory Transfer Form

Each Inventory Transfer is assigned a TRACKING # in the form of ITxxxx, which is automatically incremented by ERPlite.



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