Import Sales Receipts

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Import Sales Receipts


This utility helps user to import sales receipts from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Text file into ERPlite.


Sample Data: This is imported data from CSV (comma separated values) or text file.

Starting Row: Starting row value indicates from which line you want to import.  

Sales Order Id: This is sales order identification no. Which is given in sales order (estimate) at the time of sales order creation.

Product Id: This is item identification no. Which is given in Item Master at the time of item entering.

Customer: customer is that company/person with whom your company conducts business transactions and generates sales order and invoices to collect payment. Once customers are entered into ERPlite, can be seen at the time of creating sales order.  

Shipped Date: It means that date on which product was shipped.

Units Ordered: It shows that how much quantity of product  ordered by customer.

Shipping Methods: It describes shipping methods like FedEx, UPS etc.

Unit Price: It means Rate per unit . 

View Success of last Import/Update: It is used to show report of AVL Import result.

How to Import Sales Receipts

Step 1:

Browse CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Text file and starting row. Starting row value indicates from which line user want to import.

Step 2:

Once you open the file, you must match the input columns to Sales Order Id, Product Id, Customer, Trans Description etc. into a drop down lists.

Step 3: Import Sales Receipts

Click Import Sales Receipts button to import CSV data into Sales Receipts table (temporary table) in ERPlite data file after verification of each Product Id, Customer etc. If verification failed then it will reported into report. This report can be viewed by click "View Success of Last Import/Update".

Step 4: Quality Inspection

Click Quality Inspection button will launch an interface with Imported Sales Receipts info for final quality inspection. After the approval of User, all sales receipts posted into appropriate sales receipt tables.


1. Customers and products should be exists into ERPlite. 

2. Required CSV (comma separated values) or text file only.

3.Special characters are not allowed like , " $ #.

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