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Employees Form


This form allows users to enter all the employees for their respective company. The fields are intuitive; however, the field REPORT EMAIL should only contain an email address if Email Triggers are being used to create reports at scheduled times using Windows' Task Scheduler. If this feature of ERPlite is not being used then simply leave the field blank.


Employee Id: This is employee identification number. It is unique in ERPlite.

First Name: Employee first Name is specified corresponding to employee id and may be duplicate.

Last Name: Employee last Name is specified corresponding to employee id  and first name, may be duplicate.

How to fill Employee information  using  Employee form

All Employees that are stored in ERPlite are created and updated in this form. The most important fields (Employee Id, First Name, Last Name , sales rep? and Email ) are found on the form.

To fill a new Employee information, click on the '*' arrow at the bottom of the window:

then fill all necessary information of employee.

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