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Customers Form


The Customers Form is used to enter and edit customer data.  Information such as the ship to/bill to addresses, contact name etc. can be modified here.  The form is divided into two tabs: "Customers Info" and "Ship To".  For tracking locations that would not be classified as "customers", use the Locations form.


Customer Id: This is customer identification number. It is unique in ERPlite.

Customer Name: Customer Name is specified corresponding to customer id and may be duplicate.

Bill To: Its have bill address information like city, state, postal code ,country etc.

Accounting Information: Its have sales tax rate, taxable code, Item sales pricing  (Discount from Sales list price, Markup from standard cost, COGS markup). Item sales pricing  pull down list fills from company list->customer pricing levels form. while sales list price ,standard cost reflects from item master form.

Customers Info Tab

This tab is used to enter the customer name and the main contact for the customer.  The billing information is located directly below the Customer Information and the Accounting information is off to the right.  If the billing information is the same as the shipping information, then click the "Copy Billing Address to Shipping Address" button.

Accounting Information

Sales Tax Rate - The sales tax rate is the tax that the customer will have in their sales orders and purchase orders.  This rate can be entered using the taxes form.

Taxable Code - Select whether the customer is taxable or non-taxable.  Codes can be added in the taxes form.

Item Sales Pricing - Select the custom pricing level for this customer.  Custom Pricing levels can be set in the Customer Pricing Levels form

Ship To Tab

Use this tab to record the shipping address of the selected customer. Note that for each customer, there can be multiple ship to addresses, but the main or default shipping address must be the first one entered. Furthermore, STORES can have additional sub-locations by entering the new sub-location name in the CONTACT NAME field for Additional Shinto Locations, thereby allowing users to receive/transfer/ship orders from a STORES sub-location.

Customer Name Override - If the Customer Name Override is filled in, it is used on the Sales Order report and applicable shipment reports for the ship to company instead of this Customer's entered "Customer Name".

Managers - Use the managers fields to enter employees who are responsible for the various sections of this customer such as Accounts, Sales, or Systems.

Special Instructions for Customers Form

If you don't select Item sales pricing list then on sales order form default discount from sales list price will be " 0%" in "Rate%" column.

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