Create a Work Order

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Create a Work Order


Work Orders use the multi-level BOM to explode the pick list of materials needed to make the parent. This form is used for entering/editing Work Orders for the shop floor. Work Orders can be either build-to-stock orders or can be used to fill a specific Sales Order.


Follow these steps to create a work order

  1. Go to the Main Menu g Mfg Orders g Work Orders
  2. Click OK to open the Work Order form
  3. Make sure all orange fields have been filled in
  4. Add items by clicking on the ItemID field to display the Items list and select an item for the work order
  5. Click Copy WO Line Item
  6. Click Explode Parent Item to explode manufactured items
  7. To view or print the order, click Preview Work Order
  8. At this point, the work order will appear.  To print, click on the printer icon on the top toolbar.
  9. Close the preview to return to the Work Order
  10. Click Pick list.  This will change the status of the order to "Picked".  Also, this will make the appropriate changes to the inventory counts.
  11. Click Print Pick list (Copy) to view the work order pick list

To view a video tutorial on this topic, click here.

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