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How to Create a Sales Order


Create sales orders using this form, which will be identified with SOxxxx tracking numbers (as shown in the TRACKING NUMBER field). Fill in the CUSTOMER and SUB LOCATION fields with the necessary customer information, then proceed to fill in the DATA INPUT section of the sales order with the items to be sold.


Follow these steps to create a sales order

  1. Go to the Main Menu g Sales/Ship g Sales Order (Estimate)
  2. Click OK to open the Sales Order form
  3. Enter the Customer via the pull-down menu as well as the Sub-Location
  4. Make sure all orange fields have been filled in
  5. Click on ItemID field to display the Items list and select an item for the sales order
  6. Enter in the quantity required and the shipping due date
  7. Change the status to "Released" to make the order active, otherwise leave the status as planned to keep it as a quote
  8. To view or print the quote, click Preview Sales Order
  9. At this point, the finished sales order will appear.  To print, click on the printer icon on the top toolbar.

To view a video tutorial on this topic, click here.

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