Check Data Quality

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Check Data Quality Form


During the use of ERPlite it is normal to sometimes get data anomalies that occur from computer crashes, user errors, etc., and the Check Data Quality form allows users to perform periodic maintenance on their data to ensure the correct operation of ERPlite. There are three different tasks that can be performed with this form, and below is a description of each.


Run Data Quality Check

Clicking this button runs all the data quality checks on critical data that is essential to the correct operation of ERPlite. After running all the tests ERPlite will produce a report that can be printed, giving the user a list of all problems found as well as the recommended action the user should take to correct the problem.

Insert Default Values For Null Values

During importing of data from other software, or creation / manipulation of current data within ERPlite, sometimes not all data is entered and/or saved, thus producing null values in fields that require data for ERPlite to run correctly. A quick solution to get ERPlite running correctly again is to insert default values into these null fields by clicking this button, then going back later on to enter the appropriate values using the report from the data quality check. Otherwise, use the report from the data quality check to go through the missing data and enter the appropriate information as requested.

Delete Duplicate Children In BOMs

One error that can occur when creating BOMs is to accidentally place a part in the same BOM twice, which can lead to some unexpected results. This is especially possible when creating BOMs with several parts. What this button does is check all BOMs in ERPlite, and if duplicate child items are found, it will delete the child with the lesser quantity specified.

Fix Unit of Measure Conversions  

Click this button to correct the unit of measure conversions.

Data Check for QuickBooks Synchronization

Click the Data Quality Check button to run a Quality Check on data that will be used in transferring to QuickBooks.  To fill in missing data the following data might be modified during the correction, Chart of Accounts, item information, purchase order information, received purchase order transaction information, sales order information, and shipped order transaction information.  It is recommended you back up your data before performing this operation.

Delete ERPlite Sample Data

Click this button to delete the ERPlite sample data (Items, PO, SO, WO, Employees, ...) from the backend.

Special Instructions for Check Data Quality Form

If you use "Delete ERPlite sample data " utility then all the sample data will loose but there is backup file on this path "C:\Program files\ERPlite\Backend\Backup\" 


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