Barcode Data Importer Inv Transfer

Barcode Data Importer Inv Transfer

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Barcode Data Import Inventory Transfer Form


The purpose of this form is to update ERPlite with data from a hand-held bar-coding device. Users specify the file that contains the barcode data, and then choose what data is to be imported. Once ready, users can choose to transfer inventory with the INVENTORY TRANSFER button.

To import a file:

1. Click on browse and locate the text file.

2. Adjust the Column Separator and the Select Data In Each Column if necessary

3. Select Transfer From/Transfer To locations

4. Click on the Import Inventory Transfer button


Barcode File

The file that contains the data you wish to import.  Each line of data can contain up to 7 pieces of data and it must be separated by either tab or commas.

Sample Data

This is the data to be imported.  

Item Id

This is item identification no. Which is given in Item Master at the time of item entering and It is unique in ERPlite.

Item Name

This field is used to describe the name of the item listed in the database.

Select Data In Each Column

These drop down boxes enable you to specify which column your ItemID and Quantity is in.  

Column Separator

Specifies how the columns are separated in your data file.

Skip First Row

Skips the first row in your data.  Use this if you have column headings in the text file.

Transfer From/Transfer To

This is where you specify the inventory locations that you are transferring the inventory to and from.

Inventory Transfer

Pressing this button will import the inventory transaction to the ERPlite database.

View Success of Last Import/Update

This is a report that enables you to view the success/failure of the last Update.


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