Backup Manager

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Backup Manager


This form allows you to create backup copies of the database file.  This is useful for archiving BOMs.  You can attach to the archived database file if you need to create a work order from the old item, such as in the case of repairing an item.  Note however, that inventory changes made in the archived database file will have to be manually moved into the master (current) database file

How to use Backup Manager


Select the directory where you would like to store backup file using Browse button.


Backup Now

Once you click on Backup now Button then there is small window pop up and will ask for backup name .Type a suitable name in text box then press ok. After completing successful Backup there is a message "Backup Successfully completed" then press ok otherwise there will be an error message . You can also watch your recently backup file in the list.

Link to Selected Backup

Just down to "Link to selected Backup" there is a list through which you may link with desired backup file .

Delete  Selected Backup

Just down to "Delete  selected Backup" there is a list through which you may delete unwanted backup file .

Special Instructions for Backup Manager

If you supply path for backup then It is preferred location " C:\Program Files\ERPlite\Backend\Backup".

If you supply path for backup and directory  does not exist then ERPlite will make directory automatically but in 

case of wrong path ERPlite will show message "Path Not Found" and "Back Up Failed". 


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