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Create Single Level BOM


Through this form all BOMs (Bills of Material) are created, managed, and deleted. In ERPlite, an item can have a BOM associated with it as long as it's specified as MANUFACTURED or MFTD (NOT EXPLODED) in the ITEM TYPE field of the Item Master


Parent Id: This is  main id or reference id for children items using in BOMs (Bills of Material) .

Starting Row: Starting row value indicates from which line you want to import.

Item Id: This is item identification no. Which is given in Item Master at the time of item entering.  

Item Name: Which is given in Item Master at the time of item entering corresponding to Item Id.   It can be duplicate.

UOM: This is unit of measurement like meter for length and second for time for time etc.

Qty In Parent: It means how much quantity of purchased item will be used to manufacture main item.

How to Create Single Level BOM

Use the LOOKUP field to navigate to the desired item, change the STATUS to NOT RELEASED, and enter/edit children items as necessary.

Naturally, ERPlite supports multilevel BOMs, no matter how complex. In order to create a multilevel BOM, simply place the manufactured item as a child in the BOM of its respective parent. Thus, when this parent is exploded, not only will its BOM appear, but the BOM of the manufactured child will appear as well.

To assist users with maintaining their BOMs, there are three buttons on this form worth noting. First is the COPY CHILDREN button, which will copy the BOM that is currently displayed. Next is the PASTE CHILDREN button, which will append a BOM that was previously copied to the bottom of the BOM currently displayed. These two buttons, used in combination, are great for creating BOMs that are for the most part identical, but have minor differences with respect to color, size, etc. Last is the SORT CHILDREN button, which sorts the children alphabetically in ascending order.

Special Instructions for Create Single Level BOM

Once a BOM is ready to be used in ERPlite, the status should be changed to RELEASED, thus preventing accidental changes to the configuration just entered.

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