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Import AVL 


This utility help you to import Approved Vendor List (AVL) from a CSV (comma separated values) or text file into  ERPlite for existing Items. The AVL information can be used when creating purchase orders to specify vendor numbers for each product in the order.


Sample Data: This is imported data from CSV (comma separated values) or text file.

Starting Row: Starting row value indicates from which line you want to import.

Item Id: This is item identification no. Which is given in Item Master at the time of item entering.

Vendor: Vendor/Supplier is that company/person with whom your company conducts business. Once suppliers/vendor are entered into ERPlite, they can be specified in the Approved Vendor List (AVL) for each product/item in the Item Master. 

Vendor Part#: Vendor Part is a number concerned with each Item in the Item Master  for a vendor  (AVL tab). 

Manufacturer:  Manufacturer is that company/person Who controls the design of the part.  The part can be purchased from the manufacturer or a distributor.  The distributor resells the part, and does not change the design specifications.

Manufacturer Part#: Manufacturer Part is a number concerned with each Item in the Item Master  for a Manufacturer  (AVL tab)

View Success of last  Import/Update: It is used to show report of AVL Import result.

How to Import AVL


Find the file containing the Item Id, Vendor, Vendor Part#, Manufacturer Name, Manufacturer Part# to import. The drop down lists contain the header labels from the table of sample data (field1, field2, field3, etc)


Once you open the file, you must match the input columns to Item Id, Vendor, Vendor Part#, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part# into drop down lists.  


After matching input columns Click Import AVL for each row (Item Id, Vendor, Manufacturer) in the input file utility will check into ERPlite, and add it into AVL (Approved Vendor List). If it is not in ERPlite. It will show in report "Item does not exist" in ERPlite 

Special Instructions for Import AVL

If you supply Item Id, Vendors or Manufacturers then Vendors and Manufacturers will be same automatically also their part Number.


1. Item, Vendors and Manufacturers should be in ERPlite.

2. Required CSV (comma separated values) or text file only.

3.Special characters are not allowed like , " $ #.

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