Tutorial: Approved Vendor List (AVL)


Approved Vendors Lists are used by many companies to ensure that purchased parts meet specification and quality targets.  This tutorial teaches the ERPlite process for generating the Approved Vendors List (AVL) for each purchased part and for using the AVL in Purchase Orders.

In this tutorial, you will create a manufacturer, create the AVL for a component, print the AVL, and use the AVL in a PO to select the vendor for the item.


Qualified Vendor:  is a supplier that can be

  1. The original manufacturer
  2. A substitute part manufacturer whose part meets the specifications of the original manufacturer.
  3. A distributor of the original manufacturer or substitute manufacturer.

Original Manufacturer:  is the manufacturer that controls the design of the part.  The part can be purchased from the original manufacturer or a distributor.  The distributor resells the part, and does not change the design specifications.

Substitute Part: is a part designed by a competitor to the original manufacturer that fully meets the original manufacturer's specifications.

Purchase Order(PO): entry of components to be purchased from a supplier and the required delivery dates.

PO Receiving: transfer the received product to Stores (upcounting Stores Inventory Counts).

Enter a Manufacturer

  1. Go to the Suppliers form:
  2. Click the new button () at the bottom of the form
  3. Data to be entered:
  4. Close the Suppliers form

Enter the Approved Vendors for an item

For this step we will use a part from our sample data: CMP0002

  1. Open the ItemMaster:
  2. Select the item:  In the Lookup drop down list, select CMP0002 and then click the go button
  3. Enter the Approved Vendors:
  4. Select a Manufacturer:  This entry in the AVL is for a substitute item
  5. Close the ItemMaster

Print the AVL

The AVL for all purchased parts is a useful reference document. The latest, up to date version can be printed at any time.

  1. Open the AVL Report:  From the switchboard select Reports->AVL Report
  2. Print the AVL:  File->Print

Purchase Order Using AVL Items

You will create a PO for the CMP0002 and select a vendor from the AVL for that item

  1. Open the Purchase Order form:
    Switchboard->Mfg Orders->Purchase Order
  2. Create a new PO: Click the New button on the form
  3. Enter Required Data: Select WITCHES WAY as the supplier, and it does not matter what names you choose for Employee and Attention
  4. Select the Item:  Select CMP0002 from the drop down list
  5. Select the Vendor part number:  Select Part number WCH0003.  The vendor part number drop down list is filtered to only show AVL entries for the selected supplier and item
  6. Preview the PO:  Click the Preview PO button.  Verify the correctness of the PO, and then print it by selecting File->Print from the menu.